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A tested and proven local leader, Pete Flesch knows how to make government work for us. Vote for Pete on November 4th!

Sustainability and Conservation

I’ve been entrusted with farmland that has sustained five generations of my family. I’ll work to protect our farms and natural areas for future generations.

As a member of Crawford County’s Agricultural and Extension and Land Conservation Committees, Pete: 

  • Proposed and enacted a six-month moratorium on Frac Sand Mining in order to study associated issues. 
  • Developed a draft licensing ordinance for non-metallic mines that towns and villages could modify and adopt, mitigating negative impact. 
  • Gathered input from towns and helped with education on issues, resulting in most of the towns in the county adopting a version of the ordinance. 

And Pete pursued preservation over replacement: 

  • Oversaw renovation of the 1867 Crawford County Courthouse, honoring its history while making it secure and efficient, in a project that the district court cites as a “model of cooperation between the County and the Court.”