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-Pete Flesch

42554 State Highway 171
Soldiers Grove, WI 54655


A tested and proven local leader, Pete Flesch knows how to make government work for us. Vote for Pete on November 4th!


About Pete

Rural Values from a Rural Life

Pete's roots run deep in our district.

When he was twenty years old, Pete purchased his family's farm near Soldiers Grove from his grandparents, and it is the only place that he has ever lived. He's milked cows from the time he was big enough to carry a bucket up until December of 2013, when his arthritic knees told him it was finally time to retire from dairying.

Pete's first exposure to government came through his grandfather, Harold Flesch, who worked for their local township plowing snow and grading the roads when Pete was growing up. When Pete felt it was his time to serve and give back to the community, he ran for local Town Board, just like his grandfather. Soon, he was serving as Town Chair in Clayton and was a member of the Crawford County Board, where he has served for more than 12 years. After working hard on the board and proving that he had the skills and experience needed, Pete became the Chairman of the Board in 2010. 

I have loved serving in local government because we are problem solvers. We get things done.
Whether the issue is a flood, a flu epidemic, a crime, or a snowstorm- we do the things that are necessary for the people of our community to carry on with their lives.
— Pete Flesch on his experience in local government

Summary Background:

  • Lifelong dairy and beef farmer from the 96th Assembly District
  • Crawford County Board
    • Chair of the Crawford County Board since 2010
    • More than 12 years of elected service on the Board
    • Committees
      • Ag and Extension Committee
      • Land Conservation Committee
      • Highway Committee
  • President, Crawford County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors
  • Clayton Town Board
    • Chair of the Clayton Town Board from 2003 to 2005
    • Board Member for 6 years (1999 to 2005)
  • Chair, Crawford County Fair Board
  • County Representative, Southwest Badger Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) Council
  • Local Elected Offical, Western Wisconsin Workforce Development Board